Retirement Plans*

  • Defined Contribution plans (401K)
  • Defined Benefit plans (pension)
  • Individual Retirement Accounts
Our firm’s level of knowledge, experience, and customer service will prove to be an asset to your organization by providing consultation services, retirement planning expertise, and assistance with all your fiduciary responsibilities. We understand that everyone’s needs are unique and a one size fits all approach is never the solution. Contact us today to set up a consultation on your retirement plans to get started!


Our Services

At Paul Global Benefits, we pride ourselves on providing our clients and their employees with the highest quality service.  Our clients rely on us for our knowledge, expertise and guidance.


Fiduciary Services and Plan Governance

Serve as Section 3(21) Investment Fiduciary
Develop and maintain Investment Policy Statement
Develop Committee Charter
Manage the Quarterly Fiduciary Log
Store all Fiduciary Documents on our Secure Web Portal
Deliver Annual Presentation to the Plan Trustee / Fiduciaries


Plan Design

Monitor Marketplace Trends
Implement Best Practices
Plan Benchmarking
Analyze & Report Plan Success Metrics
Recommend Plan Design Changes
Assist in Communicating Plan Design Changes


Recordkeeper Provider Selection & Oversight

Review Provider Fee Disclosures
BenchmarkProvider Fee Disclosures
Conduct Provider RFP
Assist in New Provider Conversion/Implementation
Review Provider Compliance and Reporting
Meet with Leadership Team
Monitor Provider Product Development and Service Enhancements

Plan Investments

Design & Implement Investment Strategy
Select Investment Fund Options
Select Qualified Default Investment (QDIA)
Continually Monitor Ongoing Investment Funds
Conduct Investment Fund Searches


Employee Engagement And Financial Wellness

Develop Annual Communication Strategy
Review/Edit all Provider Communications Strategy
Monitor and Review Notices and Disclosures
Conduct Employee Meetings
Personalized Assistance to all Employees via Phone or Email
Assist Employees to Achieve Overall Financial Objectives