What Do Your Insurance
Dollars pay for?

80 to 85% of the costs of your employee benefit programs can be attributed to paying claims, while 15 to 20% pay for administrative expenses. With this ratio it is critically important to understand the claims component of your costs. At Paul Global Benefits we help clients control the cost of insurance by providing transparent financial modeling that outlines the projected claim costs of your program, using our Proprietary Pricing Tools. Paul Global Benefits also works with clients and carriers to streamline program expenses by making the administrative process more efficient.

Traditionally, claims make up approximately 80 to 85% of the total cost of benefit programs


Administrative expenses cost about 15 to 20% of the total

PGB’s Proprietary Pricing Tools

PGB’s proprietary financial tools make pricing transparent and ensure accurate underwriting by insurance carriers. You benefit from our years of experience studying how claim projections are completed and how insurance companies analyze and predict claims. On average PGB’s clients pay significantly less than other organizations. For example, in 2011 many of our clients received no price increases, yet they were able to offer more in benefits to their employees. Most organizations received premium increases and were forced to decrease benefits to manage future costs. PGB uses its extensive knowledge of pricing, global relationships and larger portfolio to give you the best costs and services. Using our tools and resources you can model different scenarios and determine which options work best for your organization.

We make sure your company is protected by the right insurance policy—at the best cost. Making the right insurance choice can mean simplified budgeting, protec­ting your company’s assets, and easier financial adminis­tration, as you can see in the chart on the right. PGB also has significant ex­perience creating unique financial solutions that are not available in the traditional market­place. If you feel that none of the traditional fun­ding prog­rams meet your specific needs, let us know. . . .

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